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Clarissa Dickson Wright (or, as those who have listened, will know her full name to be: Clarissa Theresa Philomena Aileen Mary Josephine Agnes Elsie Trilby Louise Esmerelda Dickson Wright) – an incredible 48 minutes of radio.

The Laughing Heart – am I biased because it's on my doorstep? Or because I'm besotted with proprietor Charlie Mellor's bullmastiff? Don't know, don't care. Go! The food is bonkers, the wine is brilliant, you'll love it!

Lincolnshire Poacher ideally with Delia's Old Dowerhouse chutney, please.

Elizabeth David ... particularly round the festive season: "If I had my way – and I shan't – my Christmas Day eating and drinking would consist of an omelette and cold ham and a nice bottle of wine at lunchtime, and a smoked-salmon sandwich with a glass of champagne on a tray in bed in the evening."

Biang biang noodles at Xi'an Impression, a little dive (BYOB), opposite The Emirates Stadium.

The Best of A.A. Gill ... or, for a lunch time long read, The Teenage Whaler's Tale, by Julia O'Malley. 

Vogue omelette pan (mandatory, as a freelancer), Sabatier chef's knife (freshly-sharpened, of course) and sweet, beloved AGA (entirely biased as an AGA ambassador, but also entirely meant).

Gries Schmarn – semolina with plump sultanas, cinnamon and melted butter. Heaven!

Veganuary, Ginuary, International Hummus Day, Great British Pea Week, Sourdough September, UK Sausage Week ...

...I'd make myself a pot of fresh leaf Earl Gray (Brew Tea Co.), bake a cherry frangipane, and sort out the second shelf in the cupboard above the kettle. 

Mugs from Arthouse Meath, any ceramics by Luke Edward Hall and vague aspirations to one day collect an entire set of Masons Strathmore china.

You're All Invited, by Margot Henderson: "There is nothing better than a blob of white brandade. White food is very chic."
...also, the recipe for 'Double Lemon Pudding', and her scalable cocktails.

Massimo Bottura. He wore fur-lined Gucci New Ace trainers, 'nuff said.

Munchie's Guide to Scotland

Tegen Mor crab quiche (by Tanglewood Kitchen, Isles of Scilly)
– ...all those apricots from Aryubi Express (especially poached and used in a pavlova)
– Meat Fruit starter (at Dinner By Heston, worth the wait!) 
Baja style fish taco (at Tacofino, Tofino, BC) 
Bacon sandwich (at Seaview Cafe, Herne Bay) 
Scallops with bhel puffed rice & tamarind chutney  (at Jamavar, definitely worth a visit)
– The pita and tahini (at Bala Baya, best with a Goldstar beer)
– Walkers Charnwood Bakery pork pie (winner at The Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Awards)
– Belazu's smoked almonds (utter luxury) 
Slipsole grilled in seaweed butter (at The Sportsman)
Zigni lamb shoulder (at Lemlem Kitchen, definitely the best 'Modern Eritrean' in London!) 
– The time I found wild garlic, and used it to wrap onglet & chimichurri
Confit garlic and goat's curd (at Towpath Cafe)
Homemade Pici cacio e pepe (from the Trullo cookbook, very pleasing) 
– Cinnamon Buns (at Brauð & Co., Reykjavík)
– Homemade pickled blueberries (from The Modern Preserver
– Hatted Kit & Rhubarb (Inver residency at Carousel)
– The gold dusted dark chocolate florentines (new at Fortnum & Mason's, worth the price tag)
Potato roti (at a street stand in Udaipur) 
Fermented buckwheat cream and stout ice cream (at Fera at Claridges
Mum's Christmas trifle (a phenomenal use of supermarket swiss roll and tinned strawberries).


I am the food editor at The Glossary and Reader’s Digest, as well as a regular contributor to The Sunday Times. I also freelance across national publications, from Waitrose magazine to The Telegraph – always writing about food and drink, always thinking with my stomach first...

I coordinated The Sunday Times’ first in-house ‘Top 100 Restaurant’ supplement, which involved months of feasting up and down Britain. My favourite meal? The day we got together the judges – an eccentric panel lead by Antonio Carluccio leaning on his shepherd’s crook and AA Gill dramatically draped in a white pashmina.

Other career highlights range from a trip to Spain, drinking my way round Priorat, to an expedition to Israel for The Sunday Times with some of Britain’s best chefs. I have been a judge on the winning category of The British Pie Awards for three consecutive years (a lucky charm, perhaps?!), I have eaten cod's head in Reykjavik, drunk fermented milk (arak) in Mongolia, and am partial to a scallop and bacon sandwich at Billingsgate.

I have a strong culinary background and have worked in both professional restaurants, and as a private chef. I continue to be an ambassador for AGA, and develop recipes for brands and publications. I also do advisory work for global companies such as Unilever and Nestlé, and have worked on the launch of websites, Fish on Friday and Sous Chef.

I live in East London with my husband and Jack Russell, Tonka. Please stop by Temple Street Studio if you want to know any more about the possibility of shooting here, or popping round for an AGA demonstration.

Please don't hesitate to drop me a line at:
@The_FoodIEat / Linkedin

MA City University, magazine journalism
BA Oxford University

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